EVOLUTION – Convergent Evolution

EVOLUTION – Origin and Evolution of Man

Evolution – Adaptive Radiation

Genetics – DNA Fingerprinting

ECOSYSTEM – Hydrarch Succession

Genetic Disorders in Human


Human male Reproductive System-1

Human Male Reproductive System-2

GENETICS- Mendelism-1

Plant Breeding-1

Polymerase Chain Reaction

MICROBIOLOGY-Microbes Used for Industrial Products

Reproduction- Reproductive Propagules in Angiosperms

ECOSYSTEM- Population Interactions

Ecology- Biome Distribution

Human Female Reproduction 2

Human Female Reproductive system 1


Reproduction- LIFE SPAN

Reproduction in Organisms- Chromosome Number

Genetics-PEDIGREE Symbols

Animal Kingdom-1

Animal Kingdom 2

Animal Kingdom 3

Animal Kingdom 4

Cell Structure and Function 1

Cell Structure and Function-2

Cell Structure and Functions-3

Heart Disorders

Heart Disorders, an interactive worksheet by abhijit65

Disorders of Human Female Reproductive System

Disorders of Sense organs-EAR

Human Excretory System- NEPHRON

Excretory System- NEPHRON-2

Human Diseases and Causal Organisms

Disorders of Excretory System